Children spend much of their time in school where they perform multiple activities that require concentration and effort. Therefore, they need to go out, have fun, run and play with other children.

An excellent space that achieves dispersion and total relaxation for children are playgrounds, which have always been and still are, a meeting point where children share hours of leisure and fun. And fortunately, every time we have better facilities and equipment in the outdoor children’s leisure areas of our cities and municipalities.

Discover all the benefits that outdoor playgrounds bring to girls and boys of different ages:

Playgrounds combat sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity.

We have all heard the alarming data on childhood obesity in Spain and the number of daily hours that children sit in front of video games or watching television. However, one of the easiest ways to detach them from new technologies is to take them to the street to play at the park. Because playgrounds are designed for children to burn calories without realizing it, fighting sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity.

Playgrounds stimulate the physical and emotional development of children.

Outdoor games develop children’s creativity and strengthen their safety. The little ones explore, move and begin to know more about the world around them. The different playground games like swings, rockers, slides or towers, help to stimulate the physical and emotional development of children. The activity abroad allows to see the world from another perspective and, without a doubt, makes the children of the house grow happy, healthy and strong.

Playgrounds help to socialize and generate companionship.

Outdoor play, contact with nature, fresh air and sunlight, helps children to relate and discover the best of themselves, as well as to develop new skills. In addition, they socialize among themselves, which increases their self-esteem and helps develop behavior. The playgrounds and their games favor the connection of the children with each other and generate companionship.

As we can see, outdoor playgrounds offer great benefits to girls and boys in today’s society: they combat sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity, stimulate their development in all senses, socialize and generate companionship, thus continuing with the educational process put going on at school and with the family.

And all this as children like, playing outdoors with their peers in spaces designed to facilitate their sensory, motor and social development while playing, learning and having fun.