Although it is highly recommended that nurseries and kindergartens have outdoor play areas, only nursery schools are required to have an exclusive playground in the center, with a minimum area of ​​60 to 75 square meters, depending on the number of users.

These playgrounds, which must be enclosed, so as to guarantee the safety of the children, are the ideal space for the installation of playgrounds or playgrounds equipped with swings and playgrounds duly approved and certified.

Playgrounds for kindergartens, toy libraries and nursery schools must be specially designed to stimulate learning, fun and companionship between girls and boys from 0 to 6 years of age.

At that age, children explore, begin to know more about the world around them and need to channel all their energy. Playgrounds and their games favor creativity and connection with each other, which increases their self-esteem, helps the development of their behavior and the evolution of social, cognitive and psychomotor aspects.

Another important contribution of playgrounds is their design, especially designed to encourage physical exercise in children, which is essential because it helps them develop, grow and prevent overweight.

Definitely, few things can be more recommendable and give more satisfaction to preschool children than playing outdoors in playgrounds. Therefore, more and more nurseries, kindergartens and nursery schools, have these recreational areas perfectly equipped with playgrounds designed for children to enjoy the game with maximum security guarantees.

With regard to the requirements for the installation of playgrounds in nurseries and nursery schools, it is important to highlight that they must have games and equipment for public or commercial use, approved according to European standard EN-1176 and be manufactured with anti-vandalism materials, which last many more years and require minimal maintenance.

For example, swings for kindergartens. They must have special crib seats for infants and children under 3 years of age, be provided with belts or special fasteners to prevent them from falling and have a rolling system by rolling that allows the swing with minimum effort.

To comply with all these requirements, it is important to consult with trusted companies to inform them about the corresponding regulations when designing and installing playgrounds in nurseries and nursery schools, which will guarantee the safety of children and avoid, in case of accident, possible administrative sanctions. Install outdoor playgrounds for children of different ages, with proposals for specific games for each age group and integration games, accessible to all children.