(1) Respect for children

That starts from the respect towards the children, respect for their different processes, and respect for the different stages of learning, respect for the individuality of each one. When you visit the school asks about the groupings they do, if they all learn at the same time or if each one has their own rhythm of learning…. If you see that they short circuit, you already know the answers…

(2) The child as the center of learning

Learning should not be imposed by an external agent but should have the child as the true center of learning. Here you can learn english language in easy way  english tuition centre singapore . Ask what is the way they have for children to learn the different contents (books, cards, booklets, projects, iPads, laptops, digital whiteboards …), if they arise from the needs and interests of children or if there is a program, also ask if they have a well-planned classroom program (this will give us clues as to whether they give room for spontaneity and improvisation).

(3) Adult accompanies, does not direct

Adults should assist and accompany the children in their walk, towards what they need, where they need it and when they need it. And above all they must have coherence and act accordingly. Ask how they are addressed to children, if they are up to it, if a respectful accompaniment is made, what is the treatment that is made of the conflicts, what are the rules of the school and the different spaces, what do they do if any child violates the norm (punishments, thinking chair …)

(4) Teachers prepared

Teachers must be authentic experts in the field, know the stages of development, and know how the brain works and how children learn. Ask which authors they follow, which books they have as a reference, if formations are made each year…

(5) Coherent center line

There must be consistency in the center line. This is fundamental. A school must practice coherence; it cannot be that in children it is worked in one way, in the first primary cycle of another and in the second cycle of another totally opposite. Or that every teacher reigns at ease in the independent republic of his classroom. Interested in the methodological line that follows the center and if it is unified in each of the levels.

(6) Good family-school relationship

School and family must go hand in hand, be interpenetrated and accompany each other. Ask about the activities that are carried out jointly, the individual and group meetings that are held throughout the year, if there is a parent school, if families can intervene in the day to day school…

And it’s not easy to find a school like that. I have fought hard to find one; I have found it for myself and my daughter…

This year has been amazing the number of families who have contacted us saying they want to come to our school. Families willing to move because they prioritize for their children a pedagogical project that is in line with their thoughts.

And this is happening now and more and more is happening, families now more than ever are interested in the schools where their children spend their hours, they are interested in what they are learning and under what conditions and this is something that had never happened.

Ideally, families do not have to move, they have different possibilities at their fingertips, but at the moment it is difficult, especially in public education.

How to transform our schools

Some of you have asked me what you can do for families so that the school you have next bet on a more conscious and coherent education.

The main thing is to know if this feeling is generalized among families or not, and if so, convene meetings with teachers and with the direction of the center, the pedagogical project defined by teachers but sometimes do not dare to make a change because they are afraid that families will not give their support.

It does not have to become a struggle, create dialogue, organize talks, debates … Sometimes the changes start with small movements that little by little are generating larger ones.

In Barcelona a platform has been created “Volem an active school” of families interested in taking their children to active schools and indignant to remain without a seat since there are still many more public schools with a traditional education system. This is an example of action but surely many types of initiatives can be carried out.