As a father it is important to recognize that the academic performance of our children is not only in the hands of the institution in which they study, although that is where they will obtain the knowledge, it is good to support them from our homes with the purpose that the children reach a successful academic performance at tuition centre singapore

If you want to know how to boost the academic development of a child. We share 4 tips that you can apply to improve their development at school:

Be interested in what you are studying

Ask the school about the topics that are being taught and investigate them more thoroughly on your own, save some time to read their textbooks, help them with their homework, ask them what their topics of interest are and, above all, accompany them in the process Learning.

Do not just ask for good grades

Encouraging our children to do the best they can is the best way to help them, let them know that a good grade does not translate into good performance. As parents we want our children to always have the best grades and be the first in the classroom, but you have to understand that there will always be topics in which you will naturally show interest, while in others you may need help.

Encourages reading at home

One of the best things we can do for our children is to encourage reading at home, a good academic development always begins with their first teachers, ie parents.

But it’s not just about taking a book and reading with them, take advantage of that time as an opportunity to engage in a dialogue, ask reading questions, etc. Reading offers endless advantages, but without a doubt the most important is to spend time with our children in a cultural way.

Take care of the little details

Make sure your child gets enough sleep, take care of their hygiene, make sure they have regular medical care, and give them nutritious food. For example, a study by the British Columbia Ministry of Education reports that children who eat healthy breakfast before attending school improve academic performance, concentration and cognitive functioning.