Choosing a secondary tuition centre singapore in Singapore is an easy task. It is a great responsibility for parents who are separated from their children for the first time, and a hard job of selection before the large number of centers that are in the autonomous community. To the concern for the attention they will receive, we must add the child’s reaction to be outside their environment. Therefore, it is very important to have clear priorities when choosing a nursery for your little one.

This first separation is difficult for both parents and children, and knowing that they are in a pleasant place, with professionals who take care of the children with total dedication, will help you to be calm, and to transmit this good spirit to your child.

Guidelines for choosing a nursery school in Singapore

Making the right decision when choosing the nursery school that best suits the needs and family organization is a concern for parents, who are often overwhelmed with so much supply. The different options will be determined by the priorities of each family: the type of educational project, the training of teachers, the proximity of the nursery school to their home or work …

Educational project: parents must choose what educational project they want for their children and know the type of learning that takes place in the center. In the World of Mozart, we develop an educational project of the highest quality, called Little Brains, based on the development of each child’s innate abilities and abilities.

Teacher training: the quality of the teaching staff is important at any educational stage but, also, when it comes to children between 0-3 years old, the parents concern for teacher training is even greater. The professionals who take charge of the children must have the appropriate degree according to the regulations in force.

Facilities: check the condition of the nursery school facilities, if they are maintained and safe. See if the center has a variety of infrastructures that allow the child to carry out various activities.

Security: it is recommended to consult the regulations that exist in this regard and to verify that the infant school complies: windows with unbreakable glass, doors with a safety system that prevents accidents, lifting plugs and switches, corner protection, soft floors, doors emergency for the evacuation of the classrooms and toxic materials out of reach of children …

Location of the center and its schedule: the location of the nursery and its schedule must be compatible with the family organization: closeness of the work of the parents or the house, work schedule …

Visit to the nursery school: once you have seen the website or called the children’s school by phone to get information, it is absolutely necessary to visit the center to meet the management team, see how the work is carried out and know the facilities first hand.