How to educate a child. Here we present the 15 most common failures when it comes to educating a child. Sometimes we make mistakes when educating that are frequent but that make the process difficult. If you are encountering some challenges when facing the difficult task of being a parent, these tips on how to educate a child can be useful.

How to educate a child: Very restrictive parents.

They are characterized by establishing many limits. They tend to be highly overprotective, which prevents the child from committing and learning from their own mistakes. In addition, they frequently resort to the punishment of negative behaviors but in a few cases the positive is reinforced. Do you want your children to speak and write in chinese, there is the way chinese tuition centre singapore .

An example of this parental model would be parents who demand high school performance from their children and who never reinforce that they pass or get a mark, even when they get an outstanding “because it is their obligation”. This parental model generates a lot of frustration, a self-demand that can become pathological and an insecure attachment.

How to educate a child: Parents who do not set limits.

We find the opposite case, parents who do not put any limit before any of the behaviors. This end is not adequate either. They usually never punish the bad, and they may reinforce even negative behaviors (as long as the child does not get angry or stay happy). This means that the child does not learn to manage frustration, does not learn what is right or does not develop a sense of responsibility or where the limits are (first at home and then in real life).

An example of this parental model would be parents who do not limit the number of hours their child spends watching television. Later, when the child has to study at the end of the course, they will try to find in him a responsibility or limits that they have not developed. You will probably find that the child responds defiantly by not having learned to take responsibility for himself or to respond to authority.