Educating them as best they can and in the right way is the wish of every parent for their children. However, because of the difference of opinion of the two people who gave birth to the method to be used for this, disputes and conflicts may arise. Many couples face problems when raising children. Should education be strict? Do we accept punishment? What to do in this case to carry out this mission which falls as much on the father as on the mother? That’s what we will try to solve. Here is the secondary tuition centre singapore to lead your children in success path.

Do not refer to one’s childhood

Although parents may love each other for having conceived children, they have nonetheless each of their respective characters. If one thinks that it is necessary to raise a little voice to be heard of their offspring, the other believes that nothing is worth the tenderness and sweetness of the words to get there.

Obviously, the two draw their respective conclusions from their experiences and lived in their own families to the point of not wanting to accept or consider the method proposed by the other. In this case, to prevent the child from being taken as an extension of one’s parents, they must stop making comparisons with what they have experienced. In fact, their childhood memories are sweetest or most painful, it’s not about their education anymore, but about children’s education.

To escape, they are advised to talk to each other to understand what was wrong and use it as a lesson for the future of their children.

Implement a model education

The first thing to do would be to agree in advance on the method with which they will raise them. Would they like to make him a model citizen concerned about the fate of his fellows or a big ambitious person wishing to succeed at all costs on the professional level? In any case, their success depends on the values ​​they will inculcate in them and what they consider to be an ideal existence. Of course, for that, they must take into account what they consider themselves as the essential values ​​of life. By convincing themselves, they can teach them to their descendants to be worthy men, human, tolerant and caring for others. To talk about it together would help them to agree on the method to adopt to get their children’s education.

Be flexible from time to time

Educate children together also implies to be complementary in this task. This does not mean, however, becoming suddenly authoritarian or always saying “do this, do not do that”. The best is to give one the opportunity to do it, the other to release a little pressure to install the right balance. If the man of the house is therefore a bit demanding on politeness or the way to sit at the table, the woman can be on time to go to bed or how to store the room, etc. The goal is for each of us to provide in our own way some of the education on which they have agreed to raise them. To the most severe, usually the father, so to determine the lines not to cross, to the mother then, recognized as the most tender,

Always be in solidarity with the child

Basically, it is a question of showing that both parents are in solidarity as soon as it is a question of the education of the children. If from time to time disagreements appear, they should not be used as a pretext for the child to deviate from the path on which they put him. That is why it is always forbidden to argue or to reproach themselves in front of them, their little thinking heads being able to use them like weapons to destroy this parental authority.

In this case, we must avoid, as much as possible, to question the speech of one or the other in front of the child at the risk of losing all credibility with it. If one refuses that the teenager comes out at night, the other must be of the same opinion or risk making the child insolent in the future. This is valid that both parents still live under the same roof or separated.

Restore the family balance whatever the situation

This is one of the situations that often causes disagreement on the best ways to educate children. In this case, you should never say anything bad about how the other parent is bringing the child home, especially in front of them. It can be used to denigrate the values ​​inculcated in it, causing the little that the life of divorced parents can fail to teach.

Let fathers play their roles

Whether you are a step-family or still living under the same roof and regardless of your relationship, know that the education of children lies with you both. You must therefore be in solidarity whatever one of you thinks about it. This includes some women who believe they are superior to their husbands because they have a deeper emotional bond with their children. His ancestry over them is indeed such that they can see the existential reality only through the eyes and advice of their mother. Such a situation, however, risks undermining the development of their autonomy, because they think they live only to support it and not want to differentiate themselves from it. Fortunately, to overcome this, the new type of dad appearing gradually now is there to change the situation.