When we are looking for the ideal school for our children, it is normal that we ask ourselves questions such as:  What should a school have to entrust the education of our children? Here it is secondary tuition centre singapore . The best schools are not those that have more budgets, better facilities or are located on the other side of the world. These are the ones that share qualities like the following:

Focused on the student

It is important that schools ask themselves what is important for the student and look for the main values ​​of the institution, as well as the efforts of the school staff members, to focus on answering this question and having the development needs of the school. student as the most important point.

Mentoring or mentoring program

This program works in different ways at each school, whether assigning a mentor to a new student, having permanent mentors for each student or teachers who focus on the development and problems of assigned students. However, it is important that there is, in this way, students feel accompanied through their years in school and especially in their difficulties or areas of opportunity.

Teachers and administrators are involved

Taking teachers into account when decisions are made about policies or implementations in the school, convinces them more about what is going to be carried out and are more willing to support them. In addition to having first-hand information about what is happening with students, it is important when you want to implement a change.

The communication is honest and frequent

The rumor is very harmful inside a school, either towards someone or towards the institution itself. One of the best practices of exemplary schools is honest and constant communication to parents, teachers and students. There are several channels through which news, changes or even problems can be transmitted, it is important to use them and be willing to answer questions and doubts from any member of the school community to encourage good communication .

All these qualities are centered on the person, and that is that at the end of everything, the schools are dedicated to training and dealing with people. If you share the idea that the important thing is the education of our children, more than factors such as the campus or the number of technological devices, take into account these characteristics to decide where you want your children to study.