In addition to playing indoors, it is good for children to have fun Outdoor Children Playground Singapore. Both activities are allied to the development of children, but the external environment has a significant differential: the integration provided with the natural space. When playing catch-ups in the park, for example, the child will walk in the sand, grass and land. The difference in each surface is important for the child to understand a little more the world around them.

Contact with the environment makes the rides more fun. Children are curious and it is up to parents to clarify everything about animals and plants, as well as other things found in a park or on a beach. Imagine a trip to the farm and the possibility of the child feeding and playing with other animals. This type of activity is fundamental to child development. From the benefits to the body, such as sunbathing and exercising – it is outdoor children playground singapore that the child feels freer to test their limits.

With outdoor children playground singapore activities, in fact, the brain is stimulated. For the more the child moves and activates muscles of the legs and arms, the more his cerebellum is activated. In this region, where the base of the brain is, it is responsible for synapses (connections between neurons). When stimulated, this region of the brain develops skills such as spatial organization and balance, which are fundamental to all other future motor skills.

The immune system is another to be benefited by the outdoor children playground singapore activities. Occasional bruising and consequent contact with bacteria in the environment helps to strengthen the child’s immunity. In addition, injuries are still life experiences important for the child to understand the difference between a small injury of a more serious injury.

Finally, outdoor children playground singapore play is a great way for children to exchange experiences. Interaction with children of other ages is important for their learning, as the younger ones have much to learn from their elders. And the older ones learn to teach the younger ones. Below, check out playtime cues that kids can (and should) do outdoors.

  • Bicycles, bilboques, marbles, poise, pipes. Nothing electronic. Outdoor children playground singapore, only toys that favor various movements.
  • Do not forget the ball. A great way to get her to exercise. In addition, it provides a better interaction. Create some challenges for the child.
  • Handlebar is a classic game and every child should play whenever possible. It helps in agility and other skills.
  • Jumping rope (alone or with other people), for example, gives the child the experience to follow a certain pace, which is interesting.