We were once children one day and if you were one who had the chance to play in a outdoor children playground singapore, however simple they may have been, you must have fond memories in your memory .

After all, it is usually there that we make the first friends, take the first sunbathing, have contact with nature and adventure in the toys.

That is why today’s parents and school principals must preserve this tradition of setting up outdoor children playground singapore and fostering a healthy childhood for the little ones.


  1. The purpose of a playground is to contribute to a happy childhood

That simple. As we said in the introduction, playing on the outdoor children playground singapore – whether it’s  in the town square , the condominium or on the school grounds – contributes to a happy childhood.

This is because at this stage children begin to discover the outside world and build first impressions about it. And nothing better than this first contact is playful and full of a safe adventure, is not it?


  1. The playground stimulates physical and psychological health

We always talk here on  Aquarela Parques blog about the importance of play in the life of the little ones. And in relation to the benefits to their body and mind, the outdoor children playground singapore:

assists in concentration and creativity;

help in the process of  activating vitamin D in the body (if the playground is outdoors), improving health and preventing diseases;

assists in problem solving;

helps to develop skills;

gives more autonomy and freedom for the little ones;

help in motor development.


  1. The playground also helps in the socialization of small

Another objective of a playground is to contribute significantly to the socialization of children, be it in school, in the condominium, in public square or in other environments, as in restaurants and malls that have this service.

In the playground, children learn the importance of splitting space and toys, respecting a colleague’s turn and waiting for their time to play. In doing so, they develop the notion of what is the right of each and learn to respect the limits and the space of the other.

In addition, it is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to observe children’s behavior and identify possible problems that can be solved when they are still small, such  as bullying , lack of energy, emotional problems, etc.

Incidentally, about bullying, a recent survey revealed that a home-based 10 students in Brazil are frequent victims of bullying. That is why it is so important to use stimulus tools to respect and socialize, such as a playground.


  1. The playground gives parents and guardians more freedom

When we talk about the true purpose of a playground, we often look only at the side of the little ones, who enjoy themselves and learn at the same time; but there is also another side: that of providing parents with moments of tranquility.

Currently there are several restaurants, hotels and malls that have children’s playground on their premises and with a team trained to take care of small – concept known as Kids Friendly .

So when they are full of energy and parents need a break to take advantage of the environment and relax, leaving their children in the playground  properly safe and monitored is a good option. In the end everyone has fun!

So whether it’s wood, plastic, iron or plastic wood, what’s important is that the real purpose of a playground is fulfilled: to provide children with a healthy and fun childhood so they have fond memories – just like you.



So where to start?

Take time to play with your kids ( this post here may help you).

Make sure their school has a playground (if you have not already, take this post here to school).

If you live in a condominium that does not yet have a playground, it may be the chance to forward this post here to the neighbors and to the administration.

If your child plays in the playground of the neighborhood square, check that it complies with ABNT safety regulations .

Learn how to budget a child playground .

Have fun together!

If you are interested in this subject and want to know more details about the universe of the playground, we have several posts on the topic in the blog.